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Team Members Support One Another, Collaborate Freely And Communicate Openly

The formation of teams creates substantial and sustainable long-term benefits for the organization, including the fostering of a self-managing environment where employees are fully empowered to make decisions that increase their efficiency, effectiveness and overall productivity.
Many organizations will transition from groups and committees to formally structured teams with specific goals and objectives that are chartered by the organization to fulfill a specific purpose. Within the company, the transition can be either smooth from one environment to another, or sudden, resulting in traumatic organizational changes.
It is important for leaders to understand that the nature of a team is based upon a discipline that the team structure imposes on itself. Teams create a fully empowered environment that allows organizations to become more efficient, effective and productive. This shift provides companies with the flexibility to become more adaptive to the forces of change, and as a result the world has witnessed an overall increase in global competition in virtually every industry.
Many organizations purport to have so-called team environments, but some standard working groups are mislabeled or misidentified as teams. Some of the most common groups to be mislabeled as teams are discussed below.
  • Committees - Organizational committees usually serve as an investigative or advisory body reporting to an appointed person or to the one who organized them. -

  • Task Forces - Organizational task forces are temporary problem solving groups formed to deal with issues that overlap lines of authority. A task force may, for its duration, be full or part time.

  • Quality Circles - Quality circles consist of groups of employees and supervisors who are seeking ways to increase the effectiveness of workgroups through higher productivity and improved quality.

  • Project Groups - Project groups are organized to work specifically on a project such as a new product or a new facility. Like the task force, the project group may have a temporary existence. When its mission is accomplished, the group disbands.
Teams have many traits that distinguish them from groups. They are normally chartered to fulfill a specific organizational purpose. The most distinguishing characteristic of a team is that its members have as their highest priority the accomplishment of team goals.
The most important business at hand is the success of the team in reaching the collective goals set by its members. Members support one another, collaborate freely and communicate openly and clearly with one another. Effective teams are able to accomplish their organizational purpose within specific areas, as outlined below.
  • Information - Within the effective team environment, information flows freely-horizontally, vertically and to the entire team. There is a full sharing of information among team members, and individuals are open and honest about what they are communicating with each other.

  • Personal Relationships - As the team environment develops and is fostered, nurtured and sustained, relationships on the team become more trusting, respectful, collaborative and supportive. Individuals learn to work together and respect one another's input, perspective and opinions.

  • Conflict - Within a healthy team environment, conflict is regarded as natural and helpful when it centers around examining issues and key points that need to be addressed and is confined to issues, not personalities. In most group environments conflict is often rooted in personal traits, motives and agendas that tend to be destructive to everyone involved. Once the team environment is fostered and developed, most team members will use conflict constructively to address issues, solve problems and make decisions by examining all aspects of each element.

  • Team Atmosphere - As team members learn to work with each other in an effective team environment, they become more trusting, respectful, collaborative and supportive, creating an open and nonthreatening environment in which to operate.

  • Decisions - Decisions in the team environment are arrived at by consensus rather than by a majority vote or by forcing members to agree with the decision of the group. By arriving at a consensus, each team member is fully committed to a full and efficient use of the resources available to the team. In this manner each team member is fully responsible for the decision of the entire team.

  • Creativity - Within many organizational groups, the emphasis is on activity and end input, rather than output and solutions. Within an effective team environment, the team members create more solution-oriented outcomes. The focus of the group is on results, not activity.

  • Power Base - Within many organizational groups, it is not uncommon to see power hoarded by individuals or small groups based on internal politics and personal agendas. However, in an effective team environment the power of the team is shared by all of its members. It is based on the competence of each member and the contributions that each makes to the team.

  • Motivation - Within many organizational environments individual achievement is valued without concern for the group. Individuals and groups place their personal interests over and above the interests of the organization. However, on a team, the individual members set the environment for a commitment to group goals. Rather than being coerced and pressured to go along with imposed goals, members find that there is more chance for achievement through the advancement of the team.

  • Reward - Within many organizational groups the basis for rewards is often unclear. They can be based on subjective and often arbitrary appraisals of performance, favoring specific individuals over others. However, within an effective team environment the rewards are based on the contribution that the group provides to the organization. The team, rather than individuals within the team, is rewarded for its performance.
Excerpt: A Team's Purpose, Function & Use: Pinpoint Leadership Skill Development Training Series (Majorium Business Press, Stevens Point, WI 2011)
Timothy F. Bednarz, Ph.D. is the author of the 125 books included in Pinpoint Skill Development Training Series. He has also authored "Great! What Makes Leaders Great," which was selected by "Foreword Review Magazine" as one of the top ten career books published in 2011, as well as a finalist in the "2011 Foreword Review Book of the Year Awards."

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The Power of Teamwork Movie

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How Does Mobile Text Marketing Work?

Mobile text marketing has become popular in business thanks to its instant delivery and versatility. As consumers of all ages have accepted text messaging, SMS marketing has continued to gain value as a cost-efficient way to reach out to a wide range of customers. Below is a look at how text marketing works for contacting customers and gathering market data.

Text Marketing Basics

At the start of a mobile text marketing campaign, a company creates a keyword and a five-digit phone number, also known as a short code. Customers can be informed of the keyword and short code through signage, radio ads, television commercials, brochures or other media. For example, a lawn care company might include a keyword and short code on a brochure dropped off at homes in a key area. Wherever the message is relayed, it directs readers to text the keyword to the specified short code for a specific purpose, such as an offer of discounted or free goods or the chance to enter a contest.

After consumers have replied to an ad, the marketing software or service handling the campaign automatically replies to the new subscriber and relays the information to the company. At this point, the business can send coupon codes, news and other information to list subscribers. Text messages arrive instantly and are almost always read on the spot, so results may be immediate. This is especially valuable during slow periods, but messages at any time can encourage subscribers to remember the company when they need certain goods or services.

Advantages of Text Marketing

Mobile text marketing carries several major benefits. For example, a business can easily assemble market data as subscriber information is processed. Future offers can then be targeted accordingly. A subscriber database can even be connected to past purchase history to develop more specific campaigns. By asking subscribers to participate in polls about purchased goods and services, companies can also get feedback valuable for future improvements.

Mobile text marketing is consumer friendly. Because companies can only send messages to lists they build, subscribers receive only relevant messages. Subscription terms can easily be laid out so that subscribers know what future announcements and offers to expect. Companies are required to include instructions for unsubscribing with every message, so customers only get messages they're actively interested in.

Text marketing has many advantages, but getting started can be complicated. For this reason, many companies use software or third-party providers that manage mobile text marketing campaigns from start to finish. Investment tracking, unsubscription options and market data collection are among the choices offered by text marketing services. Depending on the service, marketing campaigns under a certain volume cost little or nothing. As a result, many companies can begin text marketing with a small starting investment and expand as business grows. -- offers information regarding mobile text marketing. For more on mobile text marketing, please visit us at Source:

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The Denominators To Attain Success

For some people life is unfair! There are  weak and there are strong. There are rich while others are poor. Some of them  are successful while others remains frustrated in all things they aspire no matter how they strive. Most of the time things work so easy from successful people  but too difficult for others. Why?...This is always the question  raised  in mind when facing too many difficulties in life.

They say success is too personal thing.  Is there any  formula to attain success? Were we born equal? The only thing I know, men were born equal because each one of us were given by our creator 24 hours a day. We can utilized it in any way we want WHAT EVER THE CONSEQUENCES!

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Woopra launches web analytics app for Android, helps your business stay connected to the public

Even though Google Analytics is clearly the most popular web analytics service and will most likely stay that way for much time to come, there is another similar service that has gained quite a momentum in the pa…

Woopra launches web analytics app for Android, helps your business stay connected to the public

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Management Consulting Firms - Getting Started

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, many companies turn to management consulting companies to help their business keep ahead of the competition. These business specialists have the experience and knowledge to come into a business and advise management on ways in which they'll achieve goals that will improve the company. This might be anything from ways to increase productivity or sales, to implementing business process management, to evaluating a particular problem and recommending solutions.

The Consulting Process

Normally, when you employ the services of management consulting companies, it will be to work within a selected part of a business or to look at a particular function. This can be an area where senior management has identified a problem, however lacks the specific skills or time to totally investigate and resolve the issue. Rather than recruit a permanent employee to work on the matter, it is faster and less expensive in the long run to bring in consultants.

Typically, a consultant will perform an initial business assessment. They will then explain the results of this assessment to senior management in a report clearly defining the problem and recommended solutions. At that time, the management team can choose to engage the management consulting firm to work with the business and help implement the required solutions.

Often, senior management isn't absolutely tuned in to the extent of the problem that the management consulting company is being asked to deal with. The consultants have been engaged to examine specific symptoms and during the investigation it's discovered to be part of a bigger problem. Management may expect a proposal that's based mostly on their initial perceptions of the problem and may realize that the solution is more involved than first thought.

This can lead to some confusion on the part of the business, but unless the causal factors of a difficulty are addressed, solutions that deal only with symptoms might not achieve long lasting effect. In any event, it is essential for the consulting firm and the business to create a relationship. As both sides have interaction in doing work together, they will naturally begin to create trust and this will result in a nice long run working association.

The Organizational Assessment Process

To make the most effective use of a management consulting firm, it's necessary that the consultants be allowed full access to staff at all levels of the company. Senior management may believe that the company works in one way, however the reality could be completely different than the theory. By talking to the individuals across the business, the assessing consultant will develop an understanding of the business and get very clear on the problem under investigation and its causes. It's this in-depth understanding filtered through the consultant's relevant experience that permits identifying the most appropriate solutions.

Depending on the initial issue statement and target of focus, an assessment might include an intensive investigation into any of the following:

· Feedback from customers, management and employees at all levels
· Financials, including revenue, profit and cost structure
· Human resources, together with employee turnover
· Individual performance records
· Marketing strategy, share and position
· Competition and market sector analysis

A consultant will only be able to completely diagnose the matter if in full possession of pertinent facts. In many organizations, the most effective approach to attain this is to have full management support and access to all parts of the business. If there is resistance to the consulting firm from inside the business, this may prevent the business assessment from identifying causal factors and finding the most effective solutions to the matter under study. Good assessing consultants should have wonderful communication skills, allowing them to quickly build rapport with folks in the business so that solid facts will be gathered with minimum time and energy.

In these rapidly changing times, it is unwise for companies to continue operating in the same old way. Bringing in a management consulting firm will help establish solutions to performance barriers, streamline the business, and make it fit to survive during tough economic conditions. Management consulting companies can be used effectively to save time and save money.

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Benefits That Customized iPhone App Development Brings to Your Business

In this tech savvy world, smart phone's are marvelous creations who has changed the way we think and work. iPhone turns out as a perfect device for communication, entertainment and business. This revolutionary device with its superior functionality, responsive interface and electrifying features has really taken the mobile phone industry by surprise. iPhone apps development has become an extremely creative and booming industry these days.

iPhone app development not only helps improve your company's efficiency but even lets you cherish a sustainable relationship with your customers. Here are some of the benefits that an iPhone app brings to your business:

Enhanced Customer Base
Customized iPhone applications designed to suit your business requirements allows you to convey your brand message loud and clear, advertise your products and services and more which in turn is sure to bring in new customers. These apps give you an edge over your competitors and lets you grab the attention of online visitors and turn them into prospective buyers.

Establish Direct Communication
Custom iPhone software development apps, lets you establish a communication instantly to cater to the diverse needs of your customers round the clock. It even allows your employees to stay in constant touch with one another and to enhance your business's productivity.

Efficient Business Management
Organization and management of daily business activities becomes a whole more easy with iPhone applications. It enables to effectively manage contacts & customer accounts, keep track of business transactions & expenditure, keep track of different projects and so on and so forth.

Products & Services Accessible
A simple and user-friendly iPhone application makes it easy for customers to browse through the products catalogue and services offered by the company. The iPhone apps being an indispensable part of your business enables you to offer second to none service to your customers.

Develop Brand Awareness
iPhone application development serves as the perfect tool when it comes developing brand awareness. Featured videos, demos, quality product information and support offered to the customers via the app will help secure your brand image in the minds of your loyal customers.

Increased ROI
iPhone apps provides a great opportunity for business's to thrive and increase their revenue. The robust and scalable applications helps you reach out to a wider audience, enhance your products value, offer top-notch service and close more deals.

Bespoke iPhone App development for your business not only helps you serve your customers in a far better way but also offers plenty of bottom line benefits. -- Mobile Development Experts is a professional iPhone App Development company. Hire iPhone developer for cost-effective Android solutions at MDE. Source:

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Virtual Assistants For Small Businesses And Entrepreneurs

Virtual Assistants For Small Businesses And Entrepreneurs

When you have a small business every single and small thing becomes important for you. You want to handle everything in a perfect manner and utilize all the resources efficiently. You are hard working, dedicated and passionate about everything you do. For you time is a commodity which you want to utilize in a manner that can give you maximum output. At this time of internet every entrepreneur and small business owners are shifting to outsourcing so that they can control and utilize the time properly for the growth of their business. And this has been made possible not only due to internet but because of those talented minds who works for you on your given instructions.

These talented minds are the virtual assistants who work for you from their remote area according to your convenience. These assistants who work virtually for you can be hired as a Virtual assistant, web assistant, SEO specialist, Content Writer, Data entry assistant, SMO specialist, SME specialists and many more.

Who Are virtual Assistants?

Virtual assistants are the employees who work from their own remote area, use their own resources, their own space and assist you in your business. V. A's are independent contractors who work on the payroll of the company on the contractual basis depending on the terms of the work they have been assigned. They keep connected with their clients through Skype, Email or Telephone.

What are the differences between a regular employee and a virtual assistant?

Among so many differences between a regular employee and a virtual assistant the two most important differences being called are, number one that in case of a regular employee company needs to deduct the tax of the employee, but in a V. A case the paying tax is the responsibility of the virtual assistant only and not anyone else. Unlike with regular employee the company needs not to pay any insurance or paid leave benefits to the Virtual Assistant.

Variety of tasks that a virtual assistant can do for your small business

Before you hire a virtual assistant you must decide the work which you are going to give your assistant. A whole host of task can be delegated to your virtual assistant ranging from general administrative tasks to a very specialized task in a particular field of work. The work that is assigned to a virtual assistant is generally categorized into two fields- one where a particular work is taking your lot of time in doing it and the other which you don't have any idea about.

The world is usually witnessing a fantastic go up in the amount of VAs, to the extent that the Electronic Guidance and Organization Course of action Outsourcing techniques sector is really a growing market. One of the causes of your improved using VAs of Business owners is because now there are many very reasonable instruments, solutions and easily available technologies that permits perform being performed essentially; reaping some great benefits of outsourced workers isn't lengthier just for your Bundle of money 500 companies, also small men and gals that you and I will now get just about all each of our time-consuming perform performed by VAs.

Customers of VAs are usually not to blame for tax difficulties, benefits, insurance etc. Moreover, outsourcing work into a VA assists you to avoid logistical issues such as the need for an office living space, tools and equipment and many others. Also, it greatly benefits an employer to engage a VETERANS ADMINISTRATION during maximum project hours or in another when extra aid is deemed necessary. This is particularly convenient as manyVAs will be able to take upwards extra work which experts claim frees the employer and/or employees to pay attention to their core competencies and higher price work. Hiring any VA quite often works out there much cheaper for just a company when compared with hiring a worker. Also, as a result of increasing rivalry, VAs tend to be self-motivated and always try to produce a connection between superior good quality while maintaining short turnaround times.

There isn't a dearth of VAs around once you know where to consider them. Virtual Assistants can be obtained through Freelance Internet sites, some VAs work from their homes, some have established businesses to supply various Entrepreneurs their companies and you can also find teams of VAs from VA Service sites. Offshore Personal Assistants happen to be more reasonably priced than VAs hired in the US due to power in the dollar in comparison with their foreign currencies and as a result of reduced price of coping with these foreign countries. With the same cost you use to use one VIRTUAL ASSISTANT here in the united states, you often will hire a team of VAs along with a project manager to manage them as your representative.

-- Mike Viena is an Virtual Assistant Consultant, working for various client in North America. Writing articles for years that provide information about Virtual Assistant and share suggestion about why, when and from where to Hire a virtual assistant for perfect work.