Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baby Planning Skills Can Turn Into a Business

If you have experience planning for a baby and knowing what to expect before you have a baby, you might be surprised to learn that you actually have the skills to start your own baby planning business.

A baby planner is a consultant that can come into a newly expecting mothers home and help consult her on what things she can do to prepare for the baby.

Some of the skills it takes to be a good baby planner are:

- Listening skills and the ability to relate to people
- The desire to help people
- The ability to be organized
- The ability to make suggestions to people and help them feel good about themselves

The more experience you having planning for babies, the more suited you will be for the task.

Baby planning is also a great career for someone who needs flexibility with their work schedule. Baby planning services would be so flexible. You could visit with clients at only the times when it works best for you. You could also run the baby planning services from your home and do online consultations only.

There is a lot of flexibility with a baby planning career and there is also hardly any competition. There are VERY few baby planners in the US as of 2011.

The cost of starting a baby planning business is very low. You will need to start with a plan and a checklist of those things that you will need to cover with your clients. You will be visiting with them, either online or over the internet and helping them prepare for their new baby. If personal visits seem too unrealistic for your lifestyle, you might want to set up an online baby planning consulting business. Nowadays, it can be very simple to set up your own website.

You will need to market your business also. But, there are many free ways to market yourself online and offline if you are starting out on a tight budget. As your business grows, then you might want to consider putting more money into marketing to bring in more clients. The nice thing about a baby planning career is that there is no equipment to buy or expensive start up fees. You can start as small as you would like.

If you have experience with babies and baby planning and are looking for a way to work from home, definitely consider starting a business as a baby planning consultant. -- Learn How To Start a Baby Planning Business of your own! I can teach you all the steps and tricks to building your business and marketing your baby planning business. Visit for more detailed advice. Source:

Monday, October 14, 2013

How to Find Clients for Your Virtual Assistant Business

You have your business setup. Your finances are covered for a couple of months and you are ready to get your clients and start making some money. Social media is the usual route. But now you have more options. Companies like Elance, odesk, freelancers are the best way to go. You are applying with business owners that are in need of a virtual Assistant not just advertising to businesses that may or may not need your assistance.
These companies are freelance companies. Which means business owners go to these companies to save on hiring an actual person to help with their work load. They may have someone on maternity leave and need to hire someone for a couple of months to do her job, or they may be a small company just starting out and do not have the space or the money to hire an assistant.
This is where Elance, Odesk, and comes in. The business owner post the job they need done for their business such as: data entry, transcription, customer support, email support, customer service call center support, desk top, excel and much more. Your job is to set up a profile with each company and start your search. Your profile should concise of your personal information and your business information, also your skills and a resume. It is very important that your profile has all information needed for business owners to review. Once this is done for each company they have test you can take. Some are free and some may cost you. The cost is only $4-$6 USD at most. I would advise that you take the time to take some of the test. This way you will have some credentials added to your profile.
The next step is applying for jobs. They have jobs that are as low as $4 an hour. I know this seems like you are really under paid and you may be, but this will help you build your profile. When employers look at your profile and see that you have done 3-4 jobs already with good feed back they will hire you over someone else that would not have any feedback. So you should apply and take the jobs for $4 just for now to get experience and build your profile. Once you have done a couple of jobs you can now start to apply for jobs offering $7-$10 an hour.
Make sure the companies you work for you build and great work relationship with them. Your goal is to try to keep them as your client. Offer them extra help, this way they will love your work and you can then offer to add them to your own client list. This is a great way to start building your client list for your business.
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Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Best Home Businesses For Women - Or Is It Women Over 50?

The best home businesses for women are...and you will get hundreds and possibly thousands of answers. Why? Simply because the best home businesses for women depends on various factors, such as age, personal skills, educational background, drive or tenacity, but most importantly, personal expectations, both from a financial and emotional standpoint. This article will attempt to demystify some common misconceptions and help to serve as a short guide on how to settle on the best home businesses for women.
To this day, recommendations are still being made regarding home business ideas for women that revolve around the traditional roles of women. Day care centers, making gift baskets, paid surveys, typing jobs, pet or nanny services have all been mentioned as potential areas of interest to women. However, survey after survey have claimed that the BEST HOME BUSINESSES FOR WOMEN are actually INTERNET BASED, resulting in the most rewarding overall benefits.
Women over 50 in particular have expressed an overall satisfaction level that seems to be superior to other population segments, perhaps due to the social obstacles placed in their path. For the mature woman, learning computer skills is challenging, but once this task has been accomplished, (even in its most rudimentary form) a whole new world is opened. It is said in the world of business, age discrimination is reportedly still rampant as is financial discrimination-- another often mentioned obstacle, as individuals charged with the power to grant loans for a brick and mortar business tend to be younger and more inclined to view borrowers in their 50s, who are nearing retirement, 'as not prime'. This makes internet based businesses ideal for women over 50 as they do not require substantial investments.
That being said, the greatest boost to women over 50 having an online business may actually be of an emotional health nature. It's been found that sometimes the feeling of isolation associated with aging, can veer towards the tangible. This causes them to experience a sense of jubilation in having their own internet business. This sense of jubilation can lead to increased self esteem and mental stimulation as women over 50 interact on the internet with other people from around the world. No longer feeling isolated, these women tend to forget about their age and perform just like any younger age group. And as an aside, of course there are the obvious emotional benefits of running a home business, such as the ability to set one's own agenda, determine one's own income or being closer to the family.
When researching online for the best home businesses for women, new internet marketers, particularly women over 50 can experience high levels of frustration just from the sheer number of business opportunities offered online. Most reviews are rather not objective, therefore a well researched and trusted name is absolutely key to success.
For those just tiptoeing into this field, spending large sums of money will just be an exercise in further frustration. You must take your time and do your research. Be willing to learn; take advantage of the free online information on internet businesses. See what educational internet courses are being offered in your neighborhood or nearby community college.
Though there may be tons of resources available to help you succeed, the question motivated are you to start your own you have the patience, drive, tenacity and perseverance necessary to be successful? I'm sure you know that you're going to need all of these attributes in order to succeed, but there is one other-- you must also be fearless!
So Women Over 50, if you are ready...this is YOUR GET EXCITED...WORK YOUR SHOW and remember... YOU ROCK!
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