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Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations

Your organization's financial health depends upon sound financial management. Nonprofits have an obligation to act as responsible stewards in managing their financial resources. Nonprofits should use their financial resources to accomplish their missions in an effective and efficient manner. In addition, an organization is accountable to its board, staff and the general public to know how much revenue it is receiving and how that money is being spent. It also needs to ensure that grants and all other income are spent in the manner intended. Establishing clear policies and practices to regularly monitor how funds are used will make managing your organization�s finances simpler and easy to account for.

A great place to start is creating and following an annual budget. Look at your budget as a plan that identifies the financial resources to achieve your objectives. Once constructed, this plan assists staff and board in managing the organization financially throughout the year. Unique accounting standards require that nonprofit organizations report contributed income in one of three categories � unrestricted, temporarily restricted, or permanently restricted. It is a good idea to track the revenues by fund category.

It is important to plan ahead for difficult financial times. The demand for services is increasing at the same time that traditional sources of funding are shrinking and changing. Nonprofit leaders know that it will take creativity, innovation, and focus to weather this period. Adapting to these challenges also demands leadership and an open mind. A wise choice would be to develop a reserve fund as well as an investment policy for your organization.

Auditors have always considered the quality and sufficiency of internal controls as a component of an audit. When weaknesses in internal controls are observed, audit firms are more likely to highlight organizational shortcomings by submitting a management letter to an organization�s board of directors citing weaknesses and recommending action. Establishing appropriate internal controls will help prevent improper use of funds and to ensure that costs are controlled. Establishing these controls will also assist your organization in an audit or financial review

Financial Management will help you understand basic practices and build the basic systems and practices needed in a healthy business. For more information visit the Center for Nonprofit Success website at
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dress to Impress

Have you ever wondered why that girl from the bar never called you back? The conversation came easy, the drinks were flowing, you could feel the chemistry, and you were dressed to kill…or were you?

Your mother always told you that you only get one chance to make a first impression and first impressions can make or break you. Women look at every last detail, from your tasseled shoes to the amount of goop you have in your hair. Be honest guys, women aren’t the only ones who try on five different outfits before deciding what to wear for a night out on the town. And it is perfectly normal. But how do you know which outfit is the right one to impress the girl on your first date?

Let me take you through it step by step. Clothes aren’t the only thing a woman looks at when you’re dressing to impress; it’s the whole package. Fortunately or not, the outside is what she sees first. What you see is sometimes what you get. So what do you wear?

Out with the Old…

Rule number one is: don’t under dress. Guys have a tendency to pull on a pair of pants and the first shirt they find and head out the door. You have to look put-together, like some sort of effort was made for her. So take those ratty, old tennis shoes and toss ‘em! Take your t-shirts with big, loud prints and forget about them! And yes, women think carpenters are sexy but that doesn’t give you the green light to wear your paint-stained jeans. The solution is simple. Ask a friend (male or female) over the day of your big date. Not only will they help calm your nerves but they’ll also give you their honest opinion on your chosen outfit. Second, an iron can also be a man’s best friend. You’d be surprised what a little pressing can do to change your look. Finally, don’t rush! There’s nothing wrong with taking an extra half hour to prepare. If you take the time to get ready, your date will take the time to notice.

…In with the New

So while the first rule might seem simple enough, some guys might take it too far, which brings us to rule number two: don’t overdress. We don’t expect you to know all the latest fashion trends of the day and we don’t expect you to follow them either. This second rule doesn’t only deal with being a label whore but also with men going overboard; that is to say those men don’t know when enough is enough. While some guys take a shirt, smell it and decide whether or not it is clean, others think their shirt has to say Hugo Boss, Armani, or Ralph Lauren to look good. So let’s make your sweater selection. Stay away from Grandma’s knitted birthday gift and nipple shirts. The former screams little kid while the latter leaves nothing to the imagination. The tight shirt may not be an option if you’re not comfortable enough with your body, but if you are physically fit, why not let the woman imagine what’s under there to maintain an element of mystery. You can’t go wrong with a button shirt, leaving the first couple of buttons at the top undone. It’s casual, comfortable, and classic.

A Dab Will Do You.

Do you remember the last time you were walking down the street and almost got whiplash because someone passed by you with an overwhelming smell? Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses, which leads us to rule number three: always remember to smell good. Some smells take us back to childhood and others remind us of something very specific. The same applies to your cologne. But why is cologne used in the first place? Its purpose is twofold: it becomes your “signature” and the sense of smell is heightened when things start getting hot and heavy. Again, less is more. No need to drown yourself with the stuff, keep in mind that when it comes to cologne, a little goes a long way. The best places to apply your signature are the inside of your wrists, your neck, and even your chest.

Attention to Detail

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference and rule number four reminds you to pay attention to detail. We all know women have an eye for the minute and the slightest thing can turn us off. So the solution is simple boys, don’t overlook the small stuff. Just like women like carpenters, some women also think scruffy is sexy, but on your first date, go with the clean shaven look to be safe. And not only are you going to brush your teeth, you’re also going to break out the dental floss for this one just to be extra safe. Make sure your hair is neat and doesn’t hold an entire bottle of product in it. Remember to clean those nails. You may look like a man’s man with dirty nails, but it’s a turn off for women. Finally, keep the accessories to a minimum. You can wear your watch and necklace or a ring but that’s it. If you’re wearing more jewelry than your date then we could have a problem!

Of course, not all women are the same but most will agree that less is more when making a good first impression. So remember the four simple rules: don’t dress like you’re going to watch the game at a buddy’s house or like you’re about to walk down the runway; smell great and put in the effort to care of the details. You’re sure to have plenty of second, third, and fourth dates!
+Marisa Pellegrino is freelance journalist and a writer for a Montreal radio show called Passion, a program about dating, relationships, and sex. She is also the writer/webmaster for Dating Ideas (
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Importance of Managerial Accounting in Business Organisations

It has been found that management accounts are invaluable when it comes to a company making important and timely management decisions about their business.
It is clear that different businesses will have different management accounting needs and this will depend on the areas that the business finds are most important to them. A few examples of the areas that may be as follows;

- The sales process: this includes distribution, debtors and pricing.

- The purchasing process - this area includes records of stock levels and creditors.

- Records regarding employees.

- A fixed asset register

Companies are under no legal obligation to draw up management accounts; however, many find that it makes running a business so much simpler if they do prepare the accounts. In fact, many companies produce them as regularly as monthly or quarterly.

Management accounts are usually for analysing the recent past performances of the business and also usually study elements that look at the future of the company as well. This can include looking at profit forecasts, cashflow and sales. The figures found from this analysis are compared against figures that have been gathered from past forecasts and budgets.

The information gathered for the management accounting is usually broken down so that the performance of different parts of the company can all be measured separately to ensure that they are all working to the best of their abilities. An example of this is that a specific product could be monitored in order to see how well it has done across different outlets.

Businesses who are selling a variety of products are advised to produce a financial breakdown for each of them. This will allow you to make sure that very profitable products are not subsidising those that are failing to sell as well.

By organising the financial side of your company in this way, you will be able to monitor trends in the business, therefore highlighting any variations in your income and spending that may require your attention. This will save companies from resorting to taking out large loans in order to subsidise their business and will therefore have a positive effect on the financial side of the company in the long run.

It is clear that different businesses will have different management accounting  needs and this will depend on the areas that the business finds are most important to them.

The information that has been gathered for the management accounting  tends to be broken down so that the productivity of separate parts of the business can be monitored.

By organising your business in this way, you can see where changes are needed and save yourself from having to take out any large loans .

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Discovering Different Work From Home Ideas To Profit From

Most people looking to take advantage of the online environment are seeking to create a one of a kind opportunity which would allow them to escape the traditional working environment and create a new source of regular revenue. There are many work from home ideas, a person can take advantage of to achieve these objectives. 4 of the most common resources individuals seek to pursue, when identifying these home business ideas, is found with creating a small business, establishing websites for advertising profit, online trading, or cash flow generation.

Creating a Small Business

The main resource most individuals turn to, when looking to work online from home, is found with the creation of a small business. This is typically done to sell various goods or services through the on-line environment, for the primary goal of generating profit. For many, this is extremely successful and for some this is the hardest task to pursue, when looking to discover online success.

Establishing Websites for Advertising Profit

Advertising represents a resource that every on-line business must take advantage of, in order to expand brand recognition and reach customers. Many online entrepreneurs have pursued the opportunities of creating high demand websites which provide vital information to customers, in order to not create cash through clients, but through advertisers interested in marketing on their web-site. This can be a time consuming opportunity, as you are needed to gain recognition not just from clients, but the businesses who may wish to advertise through your website.

Online Trading

The development of the online environment has aided to considerably alter the stock trading atmosphere, as consumers no longer depend on the use of brokers to make their stock investments. Whilst there are many opportunities for potential profit associated with these work from home ideas, there are also cons associated with this pursuit. These cons are most commonly seen in the risks an individual accepts by investing their personal financial resources and the time it takes to create an opportunity for success.

Cash Flow Generation

One of the newest opportunities an individual can take advantage of, when looking to embrace work from home ideas, could be found with cash flow generation. Whilst several people associate the idea of cash flow with the real estate environment, there’s a possibility which could be created when you combine cash flow resources, with the opportunities of stock investing. The use of this type of program demands that clients take advantage of a resource which will help to educate them and provide them with the tools necessary to achieve this highly profitable opportunity.

Any of these work online from home ideas, can be used to help a person in accomplishing their goals to support an online resource of income. When trying to take advantage of one of the best opportunities which are available to achieve this goal, seek the cash flow generation possibilities that are available at

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